Can You #NameTheGirl?

Can You #NameTheGirl?


Be A Part In This Unique Social Experiment

Have you ever lost anything important to you? We all know that awful feeling of remorse and emptiness when reality finally hits you square in the face. It’s totally lost. Never to be found. But have you ever wished that your lost item would be found by someone and returned to you? What if someone cared enough that they would go to the ends of the earth knocking on every door just to get it back to you?

This sounds far too good to be true, you’re thinking now. But imagine for a minute that the person who found your lost item happened to have an awful lot of friends, ready to spread the word to help this person get your valuable item back to you. This is precisely the situation that YouTube superstar Luke Cutforth, AKA ‘LukeIsNotSexy’ has now found himself in.


Luke found a USB drive on a train last week containing some fresh music, art and cool photos and videos. As one of the UK’s top YouTube Vloggers with over 500,000 subscribers, Luke is on a mission to find the owner. A mission impossible?

Hell no! Luke spreads the information through his social connections and name the owner of the lost USB drive. His inspiration for finding the owner comes from a theory presented in 1929 by Frigyes Karinthy known as the ‘Six Degrees of Separation’. Karinthy’s theory presents the idea that we are in an ever shrinking world and to find someone or to ‘connect’ with someone, only takes a matter of six steps. ‘A friend of a friend’ will know someone who knows someone (x2 more) who is Justin Bieber (as Luke charmingly shows us in the video).


Luke has embarked on a quest by utilising all of his social media channels to reach out to his thousands of followers to help him find who this USB stick belongs to, with the hope of returning it. Now you, along with us can help Luke do just that; find, and #NameTheGirl.

Check his #NameTheGirl Facebook page.


Ever wondered how this epic battle would end?

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