David Blaine, The Real Magician?

David Blaine, The Real Magician?

This Guy’s magic freaks out Aaron Paul, Bryan Cranston, Will Smith, and many more. Is his magic real?

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger wins Mister Universe (1969) 2. The Hindenburg Disaster (1937) 3. Atomic bomb in Hiroshima (1945) 4. Interview with survivors of the Titanic 5. Franz Reichelt jumps off the Eiffel Tower (1912) 6. War ship HMS Barham explodes and sinks (1941) 7. World's first mobile phone (1922) 8. Japanese kamikazes WWII (1945) 9. The fattest baby in the…
This short animation video by Steve Cutts shows us everything wrong with humanity.

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