Lord Of The Rings Trivia Time

Lord Of The Rings Trivia Time

Orcish Origins

Tolkien was never satisfied with any origin for the orcs that he developed. His catholic values dictated that evil beings could never create sentient life independently, which is reflected in the canon explanation that orcs were corrupted from elves. However, those same values also balked at the idea that some of God’s creations could be corrupted past the point of redemption as the orcs were.

Macbeth Burn

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, it is prophesied that “no man of woman born” can kill Macbeth. Macbeth is therefore killed by a man born via C-section. Tolkien reportedly felt that was cop-out and wrote the Witch-King’s death at the hands of a woman and a hobbit as a friendly jab.

One Text

Tolkien originally intended for the books to published in one volume, internally divided into six “books.” His publishers forced him to make it a trilogy due to paper shortages caused by the war.

Two out of Five Towers

The identities of the Two Towers are somewhat uncertain in the books. Due to Frodo’s portion of the Two Towers ending with his capture at Cirith Ungol, there are altogether five major towers in the book; Orthanc, Barad-dûr, Minas Tirith, Minas Morgul, and Cirith Ungol, with the titular Two being almost any combination of them.

Sauron’s beliefs and the Ring’s power

The reason Sauron never bothered to guard Mount Doom, despite it being the one place the Ring could be destroyed, is that he never thought anyone could possibly try to destroy the ring and give up its power. According to Tolkien’s notes, he was actually right about that; no one in Middle Earth possessed the strength of will to directly harm the Ring in Mount Doom, where its power was greatest. Had the Fellowship not broken up, the Ring would have ultimately been destroyed by Aragorn having to throw Frodo into the lava.

Shelob, Silmarils, and Ungoliant

Frodo drove off Shelob with Galadriel’s phial, which contained the light of Eärendil, the evening star, what we would call Venus. Eärendil in Middle Earth is an elven mariner sailing a flying ship that is lit with a Silmaril, a jewel that emits an immense radiance. The light contained in the Silmarils came from the Two Trees of Valinor, Middle Earth’s precursors to the sun and moon, which had been destroyed by Ungoliant, Shelob’s mother.

Númenor and Atlantis

Númenor was the first great kingdom of men, an island nation that was sunk below the waves for trying to invade Valinor, the home of Middle Earth’s gods. Coincidentally, when Tolkien was working out what the Quenya (elvish) name for Númenor would be, he realized that the word Downfall would be translated into Quenya as Atalantë, going off the pre-established root lant meaning “fall.”

The Temptation of Samwise Gamgee

When Samwise began to carry the Ring, it tried to corrupt him by offering him his deepest desires. As Sam wanted to be a gardener, it showed him a vision of all of Mordor being turned into a massive garden for him to tend. Fortunately, the inherent absurdities of a nationwide garden allowed Sam to overcome its influence.

Denethor and Thorongil

One of the things that drove Denethor to use the Palantir despite the risks involved was his desire to prove he was better than the Gondorian captain Thorongil to his father, who highly valued Thorongil’s opinion and help. Thorongil, meaning Eagle of the Star, was actually Aragorn in disguise, which is one reason Denethor hated him.

The Adventures Of Tom Bombadil

Tom Bombadil was originally the focus of a book of poetry written by Tolkien prior to writing the Lord of the Rings. This is partly the reason Tom doesn’t fit into the cosmology of Middle Earth; because he doesn’t truly belong in that universe.

Legolas and Gimli

Legolas and Arwen were the last elves in Middle Earth, both of them living there until Aragorn died. At that point Arwen succumbed to grief and died of a broken heart and Legolas built a ship and sailed to Valinor. He took Gimli with him, who was the only dwarf who got to see the Undying Lands.

Aragorn and Arwen

Aragorn and Arwen are actually first cousins. Elrond and his brother Elros were half-elves who could choose what race to be. Elros chose to be human and was the first king of Númenor and Aragorn’s ancestor while Elrond chose to be an elf. This shared ancestry makes Aragorn and Arwen first cousins sixty seven times removed.

Rich Dragon

Forbes once calculated the net worth of Smaug’s hoard to be 62 billion dollars, making Smaug the second wealthiest fictional character in existence, only surpassed by Scrooge McDuck.
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