Leopard Thrown In The Air By Warthog

Leopard Thrown In The Air By Warthog

Leopard tried to kill a little warthog but he got thrown in the air by daddy Pumbaa. 

Lions and leopards are the warthogs chief enemies. Warthogs protect themselves from predators by fleeing or sliding backwards into a hole, thus being in a position to use their formidable tusks in an attack.

Neither graceful nor beautiful, warthogs are nonetheless remarkable animals. They are found in most of Africa south of the Sahara and are widely distributed in East Africa. They are the only pigs able to live in areas without water for several months of the year.

  It was supposed to be a simple act of kindness from a grieving widower dining alone for the first time in response to a happy couple sitting nearby. But when Lee Ballantyne wrote them a note offering to pay for their meal because it would make his late wife smile,…

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