95-Year-Old Belgian Athlete Emiel Pauwels Says Goodbye To His Friends and Family

95-Year-Old Belgian Athlete Emiel Pauwels Says Goodbye To His Friends and Family

Belgium has lost one of his finest, and oldest, athletes today. 95-year-old Emiel Pauwels gained some little world fame in 2013 thanks to his win during the final of the 60 meters sprint in San Sebastian (European Master Indoor). He beat Finish senior athlete Ilmari Koppinen, also 95.

Unfortunately, Emiel Pauwels was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Last October, Emiel started to feel ill and had to celebrate his 95th birthday in the hospital. After 80 years of athletics and winning numerous medals, he knew that continuing his passion was not an option anymore. He decided to intentionally end his life by committing euthanasia. Today, the 7th of January 2014, he said goodbye to his beloved friends and family.





Credits: Het Laatste Nieuws


Credits: Het Laatste Nieuws

Rest in peace, Emiel.

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